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  • Machine wash cold
  • Tumble dry low (or air dry)
  • A slight shrinkage (up to 3%) is normal because the insulation batting hasn't had a pre-wash.
  • Slight re-shaping may be needed after drying.

Cracking the Heat Code 🔥

Our mitts are heat-resistant, not fireproof – being cotton, they can burn.

Don't leave Collisionware products in the oven or on top of a hot stove.

Skillet Mitts

It’s okay to leave your Skillet Mitt on the handle while cooking on low, but never leave unattended.

Crafted from cotton, they're not fire-friendly, especially with gas stoves.

Slide them on and off as needed.

If the flame is high, remove it. Safety first!

  • Hand wash only.
  • Not suitable for hot liquids.
  • Do not microwave.

We understand the convenience of dishwashers, but for our Glass Tumblers, it's a delicate matter. The frosted finish can take a hit and chip under dishwasher conditions, and we'd hate to see that happen.

After a good wash, let those lids air dry. When in storage, place the lid loosely on top of the glass.
This allows for better air circulation and preserves the wood.
The lids are made from bamboo and can soak up a lot of moisture.
Trust us, no one wants a moldy surprise on their favorite glass.

  • Hand wash only.
  • Air dry.

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